After many years of cake making I have decided to retire from the celebration cake world.

Thank you to all my clients over the past 15 years!

Starting next year I will be running courses - if you're interested please let me know.

Food Allergy & Intolerance

In my time working as a chef I catered for many people with food allergies or intolerances – gluten free, lactose free, egg free, sodium free and other allergies. I would adapt dishes to suit individual needs so they can have the same meal as everyone else.

Every year I found more demand for foods adapted to suit individual diets. Using my experience I began experimenting and produced a range of cakes and desserts that are free from gluten containing ingredients and lactose free, for a while I supplied these cakes to some of Brighton’s popular cafes.

You can find over 100 of my gluten-, dairy-free and vegan baking recipes at

I can adapt any cake filling or decoration to suit your dietary requirement.

* Please note that nuts, wheat and dairy products are all used in my kitchen, but every care is taken to keep them separated. Please speak to me for any reassurance. *